Q. Why don’t you have speaking videos on your website?

A. Disney Institute does not allow video recording of any kind, ever.

This strategy has been true since Disney Institute began in the mid-1980’s, through and including the 15 years i spoke there (1999-2014), and it remains true today.

This approach is different, unique, and risky.

Yet it works.

Disney, and i, bank on the time-tested content as well as the delivery methodology.

Disney Institute’s unique approach to not feature speaker video is an important business decision to protect both the established business architecture and the focused yet playful Disney-style engagement.

My business operates the same way.

Visit Disney Institute’s YouTube channel here if you’ve never seen it.

i promise you, if we talk on the phone, you will be inspired.

From a phone call with a stranger.

Pretty cool.


PS. Imagine how you’d feel if you’ve spoken to over one-million people and 2,000 different organizations during your Disney Institute speaking career, yet have no visible proof that any of it happened.

Yep, that’s my life. 😃

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