Organization applies to everything

2016 WPS Girls Cross Country
2016 WPS Girls Cross Country third place at Districts yesterday.


2016 WPS Boys Cross Country
2016 WPS Boys Cross Country District Champions.


Organization applies to everything.

Yesterday, a crisp (by Orlando standards) Saturday morning, our High School boys and girls finished first and third respectively at the Cross Country District Championships.

One Junior Varsity (JV) athlete didn’t need to be there because he didn’t qualify to run. In fact, he was the only JV teammate there strictly to watch and support his teammates. Again, he didn’t need to be there.

But he was.

And given the option, most likely would have chosen to sleep in and skip it.

But he didn’t.

He didn’t have a choice.

Eventually, he’ll be making these types of decisions on his own, without parental over-rides.

That’s the goal of parental organization – to teach.




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