What Do You Know?

Ever wonder why some people or businesses behave or sound a certain way on the Internet? There is a simple explanation for this. But most people are clueless.  And that’s okay.  You can’t know everything. So, you want to know a secret?  The reason they do this? SEO.  Search Engine Optimization. It’s such an over-hyped […]

jeff noel and Search Engines

jeff noel and Search Engines.  SEO. Search engine optimization.  Google. Yahoo, Bing. Safari. Firefox. Internet Explorer. Mozilla.  There are a ton of search engines out there. Mostly, I use Google.  Why?  Google is the most recognized, and Google dominates search engine traffic. Meeting with a fellow writer yesterday, he was using Yahoo. He told me […]

World’s Biggest Search Engine?

What’s the world’s biggest search engine? Trick question here. Still think you know?  Google?   Yahoo?  MSN?  Ask?  Bing? Try this.  Your mind. Told you it was a trick question. Now for the next trick. How much of it, and how often, do you search with it? Try this.  Go look in the mirror.  Do […]

To Search or Not to Search Engine

To search or not to search engine, that is the question. The answer is…… Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.   Most of you know this and I hate to be a bore about SEO; however, you may find a nugget in here somewhere. For the rest of you on your blogging journey, here are […]

Orlando, jeff noel, jungle jeff, Mid-Life Crisis, Lane 8

Orlando, jeff noel, jungle jeff, Mid-Life Crisis, Lane 8. Even You Tube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Blogging, Social Networking, Websites, Apple, Microsoft, iPod, iPhone, ATT, Verizon, Toshiba, Laptop, Best Buy, HP, Mickey Mouse, Pixar, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Windows, Mac. And even USA, ESPN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, WB, Florida, Cancer, NASA, Los Angeles, […]