Dear Son

Easy, nice, and surprising is a great formula

Best tax software for small businesses
Sounds super easy.


wow message
Wow. Clever. Unexpected. Delightful. Did i mention it wowed me?


GoDaddy help
While Intuit and Quick Books wowed me, GoDaddy is another story.


While Intuit and Quick Books wowed me, GoDaddy is another story.

Will save it for another day.

Currently a huge GoDaddy advocate.

Being tested though.

i don’t like being tested. Not for six weeks. Patience is a virtue, right?

Hoping the front line refund promise materializes. Was sold a product i didn’t need and the salesperson abandoned my requests for help.

PS. Our Son should be finishing up his first book today.

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Disney Creativity & Innovation book

Disney Wow Moments are often unnoticed by most

Disney Customer Service Speaker
Visiting Magic Kingdom to write never gets old.


Disney signage
Last night walking back to car. It normally displays “Exit”.


Exiting Magic Kingdom last night to have dinner at home, watched a Cast Member change the Exit sign to what you see in the photo above.

She didn’t change all the exit signs, just this one.

Love that she was empowered to do it.

Love how it made me smile, while thinking, “Wow, that’s cool”.


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Going the extra inch

Soccer penalty kick


(photo: In customer service all it takes to achieve the goal is just a little bit more than the customer expected… an inch will do)

Everyone has heard the customer service mantra, ‘got the extra… mile”.

But what about this one?

Go the extra inch

This is a concept that is an astonishing paradox to the notion of going the extra mile.

In calling Fidelity a month ago to set up tomorrow’s meeting, the CFP answered the phone without using his name.

In some work cultures, that is failure.

In others, it’s business as usual because people are clueless to what world class customer service looks like.

Funny thing though, the industry has created the stereotype where that type of typical service, even from the senior leaders, comes with the territory.

Funny how much respect you get when the CFP realizes your net worth.

Tomorrow will be interesting.

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