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Orlando Based Keynote Speakers


(photo: He dreams of helping Orlando become the friendliest city in the world)

In just six days, he hangs up one hat and begins wearing a new one.

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Small Town stuff

My address is Orlando, but it really should be Disney World

Lake Eola orlando florida
Orlando, Florida - home sweet home

We live as far away from Orlando’s iconic Lake Eola and new The Amway Center (lower right) as you can get and still have “Orlando” as an official postal address. We sit next to Walt Disney World – it was our goal when we permanently relocated here in 1984 to be within five minutes of Cinderella Castle.

What’s the point? Flying home yesterday (and taking this photo), I took solace in accomplishing a major life goal. Never let your memories be bigger than your dreams.

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Small Town stuff

There’s No Place Like (Home) Disney World

Air Force One?

Home for me is Walt Disney World. President Obama visited yesterday. While he was speaking in center city (Cinderella Castle), I was hopping planes.

And once again this morning, I’ve been challenged to write five blogs before heading out for a run, and then heading to work. I bet President Obama’s schedule is pretty crazy too.

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End Of The First Year

Reach Relevance Impact

Reach.  Relevance.  Impact.

Just before the entire Columbia, South Carolina airport power went out, I was filming a one-take-You Tube video of another airport hallway billboard sign.

Had the power not gone off, I would have finished the one-take-You Tube video with, “What I am trying to do is expand my reach, relevance and impact.”

I mean, who doesn’t want to do that?

Or maybe, it’s just crazy talk, or inappropriate, to think that one person might start something that could help make the world a better place.

October 2009

What Makes Fridays GREAT?

Same thing that makes Thursdays GREAT!  EVERYTHING!!!

Happy Friday.  There are many people who can’t wait for Friday.  Why? Because they can escape from work.  As if work were some sort of prison.

Yikes.  I’ve been there too.  I mean, seriously, at 50, I’ve been around the block a time or two.

Here’s a simple wish for all of us.  While we may be tempted to complain (an endless list perhaps), let us rise above that and not.

Would you rather be dead?  Because that would put an end to all the complaining now wouldn’t it?  Then would people be happy?  I say be obsessively THANKFUL that you are alive and have what you have.  it could be worse, and for many people in other parts of our World, it is.