World class customer service at every encounter

    World class customer service at every encounter? is it possible? Name the organizations you’ve interacted with over the years who do this. Can you count them on one hand? Disney Apple Go Daddy Apple and Disney make most lists. But Go Daddy? Am absolutely stunned at their consistently exceptional customer service. Two days […]

Best Orlando Professional Speakers

Small town, straight ahead. Big time, to the left… The best Orlando Professional Speakers are the ones with the most passion. In fact, passion rules any endeavor. You know this already. The best Life-Work Balance Professional Speakers are the ones who’ve become world-class at balancing Life’s Big Choices, in a world too full of mediocrity. […]

Five Blogs Five Miles

Congratulations to Donna. She correctly answered yesterday’s “trivial tradition” question. Donna won a free prize. Traditions are a critical success factor for a great corporate culture. And the same principals translate easily into our personal lives. As a corporate professional speaker, for a fortune 100 company, I know well the secrets of being world class. […]

JD Salinger

“Why the hell don’tcha, instead of keep saying it?” –– J.D. Salinger You know: Write the book Get in shape Stop smoking Get married Start a family Save for retirement Start your own business “Why the hell don’tcha, instead of keep saying it?”

Awesome Is As Awesome Does

Go Daddy web hosting and their customer service is world class. Period. How do I know? Have been a Go Daddy customer for two years now.  Every single time I call Go Daddy support, the experience simply blows me away. Why? Because they do the routine, yet important things really, really well.  And they do […]