Each Time We Feel Like Quitting, We Must Dig Even Deeper

Being organized has a price. Being organized has it’s rewards. The big challenge is to stay in the game long enough to reap the harvest. The other big challenge is that some years a farmer must survive through drought, or floods, or insect or disease infestations. There is no escaping this. It’s the cost of […]

Midlife Crisis Has People Focus On The Negatives Instead Of The Positives

Midlife crisis or midlife celebration? When I began organizing my life, after decades of not, around positive simplicity, the climb to life’s summit began in earnst. So much of what we think is important, isn’t. Practicing letting go of this paradigm has been wonderful, and at times, overwhelmingly taxing. But it’s a good tired. Next Blog

Change Is Often Slow, Boring, Unrewarding, And Painful

Running a tight ship is hard work. It’s much easier to run a party ship, a good-time ship. How would you like to be President Obama right now? So when I start thinking my challenges are great and the spotlight on these five little blogs, I think of The President, his spotlight, and how challenging […]

There’s Change In The Air, Can You Feel It?

Sometimes, staying the new course you’re on is the change you need. How is staying the course considered change? The fact that you don’t revert back to the old ways is a change from the past. It may be the toughest change ever accomplished – not changing back. Last week at the beach, the temptation […]