WordPress WordCamp Notes Dec

WordCamp Phoenix Dec. 2009
WordCamp Phoenix Dec. 2009

Please disregard today’s post if you have no interest in learning how to blog or how to be a better blogger using WordPress. For about $10 per year you can own a GoDaddy domain name and add a free WordPress blog.

Some notes from a December 2009 WordPress Wordcamp streaming video feed.

  • Don’t use pronouns
  • Use nouns
  • www.DaveMoyer.org
  • www.wordcastpodcast.com
  • feedburner
  • WordPress.tv
  • Jim Christian, head SEO guy @ GoDaddy
  • Title Tag – make sure your keyword is first
  • Title Tag – it’s the first thing that shows up on Google
  • Title Tag – always make it 65 characters or less
  • Description Tag
  • (Keyword Tag) Link
  • SEO Press Releases
  • Caphyon Advanced Search – $100-$200 per year fee
  • Adwords Keywords Tool
  • Use Exact match
  • Google Trends
  • Touchgraph Browsers
  • Backlinks Analyzers
  • wpe.plugin
  • kungfugrip
  • tubemogul
  • wptouch = wp theme?
  • JohnHawkinsunrated
  • Merlin Mann 43folders.com
  • Write about everything but your company
  • Lorelle Van Fossen – wtfblogclutter
  • Blog Rules 1. There are no rules
  • H Tags
  • blogcluttermagazine
  • plagurismtoday.com
  • Lorelle on WordPress
  • 1. Blog for yourself
  • 2. Blog for like-minded people
  • Publish content with intent (her most important msg)
  • godaddy.com/wordcamp
  • godaddy.com/wordpress
  • Branding – It’s you. it’s your voice
  • Jason Cote WPCOOP.org
  • elance – php is #1 , wordpress is # 9, content writing #3 (WPCOOP.org)

Everything Is Important

Seems like it.  Doesn’t it?

Was recently viewing a live streaming feed on WordPress.  WordPress hosts WordCamp

Was reminded that social media, and blogging in particular, is a phenomenon.

Being 50 and embracing blogging and social media, while raising a son (9), is an interesting place to be in cyberspace, in a rapidly changing web 2.0 world.

While still trying to figure it out, everything points to communicating with others, and offering something that others want.

What do people want?  Not sure exactly.  Meanwhile though, I’ll continue to be guided by a heart-felt desire to make a difference in our world.

PS.  I realize my path, style, whatever you want to call it, may be good and it may also not be good.  Rather try and fail than not try. Ya with me?