Build your home in the path of progress

Construction of Florida Hospital Winter Garden
Yesterday after a haircut and lunch at Fowler Groves.


Love to snap an occasional photo as a local hospital goes up.

It reminds me that there’s prevailing wisdom that says, “Build your home in the path of progress, before the progress is talked about.”


Now, 25 years after moving in, we are on the verge of having a local Hospital.




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Finally.  I’ve gotten to the fifth of five blogs this morning.  Having some challenges revving up the writing engine.

This rarely happens.  I knew it would come.  Just didn’t know when.  It took longer than expected.  Good thing, I suppose.

Big questions though:

  • “How long will it last”?
  • “When will it return”?

No worries however.  Just gonna plow through it and try not to worry about it.  It’s a natural part of the “writer’s cycle” – sort of like the seasons on Earth.  Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Each season has a purpose.  Each one ends and another begins.  It’s natural. It’s okay. Carpe diem everyone.