The Glorious Part Of Risk During Midlife Is That It’s Even Riskier To Not Take The Risk

There's small risk, like climbing a little higher for a seat...
And then there's huge risk, having a dream many aren't ready for...

Both photos were taken from the same spot. But both have very different interpretations, although the theme (risk) is the same.

Some midlife adults take small risks and a few go large. But most Baby Boomers do neither. If you’re reading this, this either excites you or you’ll never come back. Perfect!

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There’s A Decent Argument For Which Is More Important, Christmas Or Easter

Is Christmas or Easter More Important?

Mid Life Celebration’s jeff noel asks, “Which holiday is more important and why, Christmas or Easter?”

By midlife, aging Baby Boomers ought to have firm convictions. The Blog Whisperer is betting most folks will have to think about it first. Noel’s point exactly. We shouldn’t have to think about it. That should have been done long ago.

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