It is really challenging to do it all, but there’s a catch

  It’s incredibly challenging to shed old, deeply-entrenched, unproductive habits. And with five big choices in life, this makes it exponentially more challenging. But here’s the catch no one tells us. Success in one lends to success in another. I recommend slow and steady progress, never ending focus, indomitable will, and a healthy balance of […]

Baby Boomer And Midlife Wellness Expert, jeff noel, Thinks Christmas Makes Us Brave

Baby Boomer and midlife wellness expert, jeff noel, thinks Christmas makes us brave. How so? If a King was in our midst to lead us, a King above all Kings, would that make us cower or cheer? The Heavenly glory that Christmas’ promise fulfills is that we finally have a Savior to lead us. Can […]

The Glorious Part Of Risk During Midlife Is That It’s Even Riskier To Not Take The Risk

Both photos were taken from the same spot. But both have very different interpretations, although the theme (risk) is the same. Some midlife adults take small risks and a few go large. But most Baby Boomers do neither. If you’re reading this, this either excites you or you’ll never come back. Perfect! Next Blog