2,450 Blog Posts

Humble Beginnings, Odds Favor Failure
Humble Beginnings, Odds Favor Failure

An April 11, 2010 blog post marked the day we surpassed 2,000 blog posts at Mid Life Celebration, LLC.

At roughly 150 new posts each month, that would bring today’s total to 2,450 blog posts, more or less.

That means in two more weeks, we’ll surpass 2,500.

Only a small business entrepreneur can understand the need for (selfless) self-promotion.

To the person that has only ever worked for someone else, and there’s nothing wrong with that please don’t misunderstand this message, self-promotion can look like arrogance, when in reality, it’s survival.

While I wish everyone visiting these blogs could find happiness, reassurance, bliss, information, motivation and any other good and decent thing, the reality is that the target audience is about 3% of the workforce.

I’ll tell you why tomorrow.

jeff noel quotes

Suomi Quotes?
Suomi Quotes?

Being inspired inspires others.

Most humans like quotes. We enjoy the way a small sentence or quick thought can summarize the essence of a larger body of work.

Some people are addicted to quotes, like me.

And some people find themselves quotable. This is usually by design, and it is also the mark of someone who’s been burned by Hell’s fire and came out purified, or at the very least, changed.

And in our busy, hectic, worried lives, small, digestible sound bites really satisfy our hunger for a laugh, for inspiration, for validation, for comfort – and on and on.

Quotes are good.

You can quote me on that.

When Is Your Funeral?

Knock Knock
Knock Knock

When is your funeral?  No idea, right?

Exactly.  None of us know.

And because, for most people, death is paralyzingly scary, we ignore it. As if it will go away if we don’t think about it.

I think about death everyday. This helps me appreciate the gift of life today and the opportunity to do the best I can.

Every day is a failure.  Every day is a triumph. Every day is a gift.

Will you unwrap yours and enjoy it today?

JD Salinger

Shut Up And Do It, Please
Shut Up And Do It, Please

“Why the hell don’tcha, instead of keep saying it?” J.D. Salinger

You know:

  • Write the book
  • Get in shape
  • Stop smoking
  • Get married
  • Start a family
  • Save for retirement
  • Start your own business

“Why the hell don’tcha, instead of keep saying it?”

Gizmodo’s Best Apps Directory

So easy, even a nine-year old can do it.
So easy, even a nine-year old can do it.

Gizmodo’s best apps.  Click here.

Apps make life better, easier. Who doesn’t want that.

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