The Truth Hurts

The truth hurts. The truth can also set us free. “Yeah, yeah, whatever!” Can’t you just hear people saying this, or thinking it?  I say it too.  We all do sometimes. In fact, I’ve said this all my life. “Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Until a few years ago when things began to change. One close friend […]


Ain’t much in life guaranteed, is there?  Death and taxes, to be sure. Death. That’s the one. What a beautiful gift death should be. Just like what a beautiful gift birth should be. And the beautiful gift of the part called “life” – in between the two. And here’s one more thing that’s guaranteed – […]

The Fear of Living

What? Yep, that’s our biggest fear.  But it never shows up on any list. Why? Because no one will admit it. How do I know? Because, think about it, if the fear of living wasn’t our biggest fear, why was this phrase – carpe diem – invented? Carpe diem translates to:  “While we’re talking, envious […]