Weird heroes and mould-breaking champions

Hunter S Thompson quote
At our breakfast booth yesterday.


Hunter S Thompson quote
Closer inspection.


Weird heroes and mould-breaking champions, thank you.




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It’s lonely, and, a huge responsibility

Walt Disney World sunset


(photo: Last night on the way home, at the red light by the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress.)

Being organized and focused and disciplined.

Being creative, hopeful, driven.

Being fearless, with some practical constraints, from representing one of the world’s most admirable companies.

These are characteristics of people who are labeled crazy, weird, misfits, outcasts.

Being compelled to ask questions everyone should have ready answers too, but when asked, leaders become quiet, embarrassed, and even quietly angry.

Yeah, it’s lonely.

And a huge responsibility.

Question – is it worth it?

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