West Orlando WordPress Meetup

West Orlando WordPress Meetup last night had nine attendees including the two organizers, Rob and Hope, pictured above. Rob and i officially began working together yesterday morning (8am-12pm) at my (home) office. This is big because i’ve wanted a personal technology tutor/advisor since 2008. There are two people i admire and respect from the Orlando (downtown) […]

Lead, conform, or fall behind

Lead, conform or fall behind. It’s always our decision. Every choice we make comes with a risk and reward proposition. The rewards are usually self-evident and good. The risks are usually under-rated and potentially devastating to our status quo. •  •  •  •  • This website is about our home health. To leave this site to read today’s post […]

June 1 with Chuck & jeff

Yo!  I said yesterday that I would only be posting here periodically, rather than daily, like I’ve been doing. Well guess what?  I couldn’t resist posting this video of my friend Chuck and me.  We are like two 12-year olds, enamoured with technology and the power of the Internet. On Saturday, we gathered at another […]