Glacier National Park

Cold is one thing, but cold and wet…

Garden Wall in Summer snow
Garden Wall in Summer snow.


The overnight snowfall was followed by more precipitation.

The risk of getting wet or slipping on the trail delayed the Highline Trail hike by one day.

The risk of hypothermia is as real as it gets.

You could be alone and have absolutely no way to communicate with anyone. Period.

Was organized enough to get another night at Rising Sun.

Also made sure Granite Park Chalet knew i’d be a day late so they wouldn’t rent my room.


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Thanksgiving 2009

How Cold Is It?

Freezing Cold
Freezing Cold says the current Anchorage, Alaska temp is  (4AM) 19 degrees, but the official “feels like” temp is 12 degrees.

Hope your day is full of warmth, no matter the outside temperature.  Carpe diem.

October 2009

You’re Not Gonna Believe This

This morning, we turned off the air conditioners for the first time since April! Seriously.

Central Florida daytime temps are expected to be in the 70’s this weekend.  It’s 66 right now at 5AM, so the windows and doors are only cracked open, otherwise it would be too cold.  🙂

How cool is that?  Well, for Central Floridians, it’s HUGE!

We endure the Summers to get to this point in the year.  It will last until April next year.  What’s it like October to April in Central Florida?  Glorious.