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Another in a constant repetition of insignificant days

Apple Store Mall at Millenia
Apple Watch window display.


Apple Store Mall at Millenia
Apple Watch window display.


West Orange High School Bus line up
Dozens of busses.


Just another insignificant day:

  1. Visit Apple store to try on the Apple Watch…the one ordered a week ago.
  2. Visit Tax Preparer to pay for completed 2014 tax return and pick up personal files.
  3. Visit West Orange High School Ninth Grade Center to verify 2015-16 school enrollment process.

The only one that was planned was number two.

The most significant was number three. Had felt a terrible sense of disorganization thinking i had majorly dropped the ball. Turns out, there are two more months before High School registration begins.

Our Tax Preparer saved us $14k.

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In two days does the world change?

Apple Watch announcement
The next big breakthrough. Photo taken while watching Apple Conference on MacBook Air.


In two days does the world change? In two days, it’ll be Friday, April 10 and these two fairly remarkable milestones will have been accomplished:

  1. Apple begins taking orders for their Apple Watch
  2. Disney Keynote Speaker, Author, and prolific blogger jeff noel publishes his 11,000th blog post

Most of the world could care less about either one. But for you crazies, you misfits, you rebels, you wonderfully visionary few, here’s to you.

Live like you mean it.

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