How outliers think about time

Last night a box arrived via UPS. The box began its journey in China.


How do outliers think about time?

Different outliers think about it differently, so i’m sharing my perspective.

In late 2008, at 49, i found clarity on the reality no male on my Dad’s side lived past 60.

i made a 10-year plan to do everything i want to do in life before i turn 60.

The talking behind your back when you are an outlier is something you have to accept (and ignore).

“You’re in great shape Jeff. You’ll probably outlive us all.”

Isn’t that a nice thing to say to me?


How about early onset, rapid-progression Alzheimers?

You can physically be present, and not have a clue who the people are around you. You can even reach a point when you forget how (or why) to swallow food.

A tragic accident. Anything, really, can alter everything.

i am not living with anxiety that the end is near.

i’m living with an excitement and a decision-making karma that is allergic to excuses about waiting for the time to be right to do the stuff we said we want to do.

It’s glorious.

i wish it for you.

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Will an Apple Watch change a person’s wellness commitment?

Apple Watch
Last night at Apple Store.


Will an Apple Watch change someone’s wellness commitment?

Generally speaking, the spirt is willing yet the body is weak.

Time will tell.




This website is about our home health. To leave this site to read today’s post on my mental attitude website, click here.


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Unintentional jerk-ish-ness















Ordered the Apple Watch at 3:01 EST on April 10. Apple sent a congratulatory email with the delivery date estimate of June. June 1 or June 30? Big difference. Plan on worst case scenario, June 30.

So when it arrived May 26, there was no need to rip the package open. Even though the Watch has few owners so far. Prestige is not a consideration.

Tried to have a little fun on Facebook with the box opening. It backfired. It took too long and my friends thought it was intentional and kinda jerk-ish.

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In five years will this seem archaic?

Apple Watch shipping box
The Apple Watch arrived yesterday afternoon. Last night the box still wasn’t opened.


In five years will the first generation Apple Watch seem archaic? When i open the box later today, it will feel like a high tech game-changing device.

It’s pretty cool to treat it as a tool to use rather than some status symbol.

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Apple watch arrives today, May 26

Apple Watch delivery email update
Apple email from a few days ago.


Apple watch arrives today, 46 days after being one of the first to order it at 12:01am PCT on April 10 (the first day it was offered to the world).

Delivery notes where sent in an email shortly after ordering. It would ship in June. To which i joking asked myself, “June 1 or June 30?”

So, it arrives May 26.

Haven’t told anyone except Cheryl.

Why would i?

Simply experimenting with better ways to deliver on the promise to help make the world a better place.

i have intentionally not worn a watch for the past 20 years, and have no intentions of ever wearing one again.

So what’s changing? You did, after all, order the Apple Watch.

i now see it as wearing a computer. This is not the same.

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