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Walter Elias Disney signed personal check

Walt Disney signed check
At American Adventure merchandise shop yesterday.


As real as it gets, even though it’s an artifact.

Over the decades, Walt’s signature has been embellished from the real thing, but that’s what a marketing and/or public relations department does – tells the story in a more visually appealing way.


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Remember how it all started so small and so humbly?

Walt Disney quote at Epcot


At one point in 1928, Walt Disney was simply dreaming of a great character to replace Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

At one point jeff noel was simply dreaming how to write a simple, yet profound, book to serve as a life guide for his children in case something bad ever happened to him.

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Good Saturday morning, April 26th, from Disneyland in California

Disneyland Resort wifi
Notice the time of day in the upper right corner?


Notice the time in the upper right corner?

Seems early, yet it’s actually 6:03am at Walt Disney World (home).

Many say it’s crazy to stay on the home turf time zone when traveling.


Probably because that’s the Herd’s prevailing wisdom.

Walt Disney also faced prevailing business wisdom, yet he broke all the rules anyway.

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Picture worthy?

Disney's California Adventure signs
Picture worthy?


The historic value of this name is everything.

Walt Elias Disney.




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Most of us never do more than dream or fantasize about this

Walt Disney quote about doing the impossible
Many of us get this, at least in theory


Most of us never do more than dream or fantasize about this:

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. – Walt Disney

One of life’s most rewarding pay backs is in the earnest effort to do something impossible.

Receiving is believing.

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