Happy Saturday To Everyone

Do you have weekends off?  I do not.  Never have.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I do have Saturday and Sunday off together. However, it’s nothing I can count on.  And I’m okay with that. Why? Because I work in Central Florida, and many people here have a job that revolves around the world-class Orlando […]

Lee Cockerell Creating Magic

Lee Cockerell wrote Creating Magic last year.  Lee spent a lifetime studying leadership and perfecting leadership.  He was also the Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Operations.  Lee Cockerell knows leadership.  His book is brilliant.  But you probably won’t find it in an airport bookstore though.  I’ve been searching airport bookstores the world over. […]


Finally.  I’ve gotten to the fifth of five blogs this morning.  Having some challenges revving up the writing engine. This rarely happens.  I knew it would come.  Just didn’t know when.  It took longer than expected.  Good thing, I suppose. Big questions though: “How long will it last”? “When will it return”? No worries however. […]

Hearing It 100 Times?

“Hearing something 100 times is not as good as seeing it once”. — Japanese proverb “It’s not the material things in life that are important”. Most of us have heard this so many times we’ve  lost track, right? If we know this to be true, that material things aren’t the important thing, why do we […]