jeff noel Hates Vacation

Okay, so I made that up. But you know there are some people who actually hate vacation, because vacation takes them away from their medicine. Huh?  Yes, their medicine. As a workaholic myself, from a long line of workaholics, being busy and then suddenly not being busy, well, you can almost see the panic rush […]


Ain’t much in life guaranteed, is there?  Death and taxes, to be sure. Death. That’s the one. What a beautiful gift death should be. Just like what a beautiful gift birth should be. And the beautiful gift of the part called “life” – in between the two. And here’s one more thing that’s guaranteed – […]

jeff noel Five A Day

We are never so poor we don’t have something to give. We are never so rich we don’t have something to receive. Ever thought about that? For me, not too much, until our Priest shared it on Sunday. But I wrote it down, it was that powerful, in that moment. Later, it hit me. It […]

LinkedIn Out Of Nowhere

A recent email immediately gave me an idea for a blog post.  And the email was triggered by a LinkedIn contact. LinkedIn is designed primarily as a professional, business-like social network. Think of it this way: My Space = your bedroom Facebook = your living room LinkedIn = your office LinkedIn mostly is a social […]

Google CEO Needs Coaching

Who needs a coach?  Do you need a coach?  Pretty sure I need a coach. In fact, after listening to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, I’m convinced. Why? Listen to Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, talk briefly, but accurately, about why people need a coach, and decide for yourself. Good luck. Well, actually, luck has nothing to […]