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Memorial Day Is For Remembering. Do You?
Memorial Day Is For Remembering. Do You?

To those that paid the ultimate price and to those that were willing, but didn’t have to, we honor you today.

And if we really want to be a good and decent person, we will make everyday Memorial Day. The wolf is always near the door. Freedom is never free.

Thanksgiving 2009

Freedom Provided By Our Sponsors, Veterans

Freedom.  The United States of America.  Freedom.  United States Military Veterans.

Click here to see an inspirational video in honor of our American Veterans.

Monday night an old friend walked through our front yard to pay a visit.  We were in a hurry to go to our company’s service awards banquet.  So it was a brief visit at our doorstep.

Now keep in mind, from across the street, another neighbor saw this.  He didn’t know I knew the person.

So, a Vietnam Veteran, a Marine, came walking marching across the street.  He said, “I didn’t know who that was and I was just coming over to see if you needed any help”.

Johnnie is retired, and is battling some health challenges. He was covering my back. That’s what Marines do.  That’s what our Military does.  Like I said, Freedom – provided by our sponsors, the United States of America Veterans, active duty, civilians, and their families.