Carving Out A Life

Three small decisions create huge breathing room

Delta airfare purchase screen shot
Yesterday we decided on only one ticket versus three.


This Summer has many time conflicts and challenges. We discussed this and came to the same conclusion. We need to reprioritize things.

The August France trip: i’ll be going solo.

The July North Carolina trip: We’ll have to decline.

The July Disneyland trip: No go.

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He's Just Lucky

Next to last business trip for Mickey

Cockpit for Delta flight


(photo: Cockpit of midwest regional jet yesterday.)

Are┬álife’s problems opportunities in disguise?

So what if the flight was delayed two hours. It’s such a privilege to get to travel to help transform others.

Totally aware last night’s trip was the next to last one.

What does this mean to anyone?

Are you satisfied?

Being decently organized has allowed for the glorious savoring of these final days.

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