From squeeze play to freedom?

Orange County Large Item waste
This week, stumbled upon this note card i had saved months ago.


Effective one year ago, all Orange County Florida residents are limited to one trash bin and pick up went from twice a week to once a week.

Literally from unlimited trash twice a week to one bin once a week.

A big squeeze when you are purging old items from 38 years together.

Will call to explore later today if this will be a game changer moving forward.

It’s a free service and has always been in place.

i don’t have a good answer for why i didn’t know about it until this week.

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Failure to organize is a gift

Inspiring quote
We will not die if our stuff vanishes.


Failure is a gift… if we learn from it. And the beautifully redundant lesson is that failure is not fatal (exceptions to everything, but you get the picture).

Toss things. Give things away. Repurpose.

Worst case, we will feel separation anxiety.

Best case, we feel a freedom we haven’t felt in a long, long time.

And we’re talking a freedom that is beyond amazing.



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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a phrase people use to clean out junk, get more organized, and prepare for increased activity brought on by warmer weather.

Where does all our junk come from? And why does it seem that the more we donate, recycle or trash, the piles don’t seem to shrink, the shelves still seem full?

If your dwelling were on fire, what would you take out if you had 2 minutes?

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