Thank you for being here

Orlando Nature preserve
Walked here this morning. Never gets old.

Thank you for being here. For reading every day.

If you die having five close friends all or most of your life, they will say you were a blessed human being.

If you are one of the many who come and go, my wish is you get more than you expected.

.think .differently

About everything.

Balance is not a myth.

Everything matters.

Nothing is optional.

Personal vibrancy is possible.

Follow my trail until you love to hike to impossible places.

Then, learn to hike on your own, on trails that will love you back, thin places and all.

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Who remembers 103 days ago what happened July 13 at 10pm?

George Zimmerman photo moments after acquittal.
Watched much of the trial because I was home recovering from surgery


Two nights ago, (July 13 as this is written), the jury acquitted George Zimmerman.

Here we are 103+ days later.

Remember what happened?

Lots of anger.


So easy to write about things when we are emotionally charged. But resisting it now.

Being emotionally charged is what led to two human beings interacting.

Being emotionally charged is a dangerous place to write from.

Once the words are written, there is no taking them back.

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