What makes you come alive?

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What makes you come alive?

Do more of that.

The world needs it.

And so do you.

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Day To Day

Loving it or hating it won’t make it go away.

Aweber email campaign software setup
Aweber email campaign software setup. As the book goes to print, attention turns here.


Do we love the pressure life constantly places on us?

Tough question, eh? Love the pressure? Hmmm.

Loving it or hating it won’t make it go away.

So if pressure is here to stay, approach it the same way we approach anything else – control the controllables.

  • priorities
  • time
  • choices

There, feel better?

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When Your Life Changes

We thrive or regret in proportion to this common, but quiet, opportunity

We thrive, or regret, in proportion to this common, but quiet, opportunity.

The size and passion of our dreams.

Work life balance is a big, impossible goal for most of us, yet it’s profoundly simple and simply profound.

So simple in fact, it’s unveiled, free of charge, here.


Mid Life Celebration

These seemingly mutually exclusive concepts are identical twins

Common sense tells us to do what we love. Do we? Do we lie awake in bed, wondering when our alarm clock is ever gonna go off, thinking come on, bring it on! Is that how it is?

Thriving in midlife is about feeling like that. It’s about when our pleasure and our business are so entangled, it looks like only one thing, not two.

My pleasure and my business is to help people think deeper, smile more, and feel grateful at the amazing power of common sense – when it finally becomes common practice.

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