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Tanner is proposing that i can not remember the last time i worked.
  • Mid Life Celebration vs Midlife Crisis
  • Go the extra inch vs go the extra mile
  • Quit drinking on New Year’s Eve vs New Year’s Day
  • Do you want to be the slowest of the fastest or the fastest of the slowest?

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Jokers Are Wild

Dramatic leap, please be patient

Social media image sizes chart
Physical stuff and digital stuff needs to be purged now and then


Twelve days alone at home. So much ambition to make a dramatic leap in purging accumulated things.

Only two days allowed any time for a few small steps to be taken.

Dramatic leap, please be patient.

Thank you.

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Dear Son

Dear Son, Think Big Picture

Today's lesson was about the completely empty parking lot. When it opens, it will be "our" Publx.

Dear Son, if your plan is for one year plant rice, if it’s for 10 years plant a tree, if it’s for 100 years teach your children. – Chinese Proverb

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