13 Months

Freedom To Write Without Worry
Freedom To Write Without Worry

It’s been 13 months. Writing five separate blogs. Daily? ¬†Yep, daily.

Daily, as in every single day.

(only guy on the Internet doing it)

If you notice on the right column under Archives, April 2009 has 18 posts, not 30.

Here’s why. I used to blog for my company, before we had an official social media policy, which came out last August.

Twelve blog posts were removed because of their reference to my real job with a Fortune 100 company for the past 27 years. My boss said I’m free to write whatever I want to personally, but not as a spokesperson for our company.

I’m good with that.

And because of my gift for focus and discipline, there is no one better at social media policy commitment and compliance than, well, guess.

My Challenge to You?

The Sky's The Limit
The Sky's The Limit

You’re an adult.

You can do whatever you want.

And maybe that’s your greatest opportunity.


Maybe, because you can do whatever you want, you do.

True leadership involves doing things we don’t want to do.

Read, exercise, pray, work – a lot.

Try reading all five of these blogs for 30 days.

That’s my challenge to you. I guarantee you’ll think differently if you stay with it.

The Blog Whisperer

What's That Noise?
What's That Noise?

No seriously, who writes five different blogs every single day?

The Blog Whisperer.

What are they about?


Why does “The Blog Whisperer” do this?

Why do you do the crazy (important) things you do?