Not Only Is This Blog About The Paperwork Of Life, It’s Also A Wildcard

Mid Life Celebration believes Life’s Big Choices can be categorized in 5 simple boxes:

It’s easy to identify four boxes – Mind, Body, Spirit, Money. What’s the 5th?

HQ. Headquarters. It’s the big box that surrounds and holds the other 4 together. The paperwork of life. The stuff that doesn’t fit naturally into the other four.

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I Was Struck With Yesterday’s Message, What Would You Remember Without A Calendar?

Sandwiched between the last Monday in May and the 4th day of July, are five weeks.

These two holidays have happened over and over, for decades, if not centuries.

Simple, key, repeatable message points.

Most are clueless as to why. But you’re getting this, right?

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Seasons Come And Seasons Go

Someone once accused me of thinking too much, to which I returned the accusation, “Maybe you don’t think enough”.

Today is the longest daylight day of the entire year, beating out 364 others. So?

Time marches on. Our Summer started a month ago, with the advent of Central Florida’s anvil clouds – the ones bringing torrential thunder storms.

What would you remember without a calendar? Time marches on. Go!

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This Mid Life Celebration Blog Is About HQ & The Paperwork Of Life

Some key messages are no brainers…

But messages can get foggy because we no longer see the danger everyday…

Simple, key, repeatable message points, one of Mid Life Celebration’s fundamental beliefs. Repetition is the mother of all learning. Never get bored with the basics.

Ignoring the basics doesn’t make them unimportant or less critical.

PS. Don’t feed the bears.

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