The Blog Whisperer Got 150 Out Of 150, A+?

Mid Life Celebration LLC wants to make a ton of money! But only so it can give it away to the good folks searching for a cure….MLC is the world’s 1st for-profit, non-profit. Epic writing effort by The Blog Whisperer – 150 posts in one marathon Memorial Day weekend. This is #150 out of 150. […]

In One Weekend, The Blog Whisperer Wrote 150 Posts, This Is 149

Mid Life Celebration’s story board…and miles to go before I sleep… In one long weekend, The Blog Whisperer put a process in place to create space to complete Mid Life Celebration’s big project – the first of many best-selling books. It’s Memorial Day (2011) morning and this is post 149 of 150. Five daily blogs […]

When Something Goes Wrong, Breaks, Needs Fixing, Can You Just Pick Up The Phone?

Is having a backup for the backup too much redundancy? All good things take time. Mid Life Celebration has a goal to list all the things that can stop working and who to call. The time to worry about these things is when you don’t have to. Next Blog

The Significance Of These Photos Is Such, Only A Few People Will Notice

The significance of these photos is such, only a few people will notice. And I can’t tell you why, because some things remain a mystery, and that’s okay. It’s like a secret handshake. Part of a club or something. Only the closest family & friends get it. It’s not a secret, it’s just means you’ve […]

Happy 28th Anniversary

Cheryl, this box is dedicated to you… To everyone else, you have your own boxes that have meaning for you and those you love, right? I’ve found life with boxes has been transformational compared to life without boxes. Next Blog