June 1 with Chuck & jeff

Yo!  I said yesterday that I would only be posting here periodically, rather than daily, like I’ve been doing. Well guess what?  I couldn’t resist posting this video of my friend Chuck and me.  We are like two 12-year olds, enamoured with technology and the power of the Internet. On Saturday, we gathered at another […]

jeff noel – World Class Wednesday?

jeff noel – World Class Wednesday? OK, so I missed posting yesterday. Sorry. It actually felt good to skip a day. Trust me though, it wasn’t intentional. But once I realized it was going to happen, I found that letting go of the expectation, even for just one day, felt healthy. If you’re new to […]

LinkedIn Profile for jeff noel

Here’s my LinkedIn profile for jeff noel. Who cares, right? Exactly.  Who gives a crap? Here’s what I think.  I think if you are serious about your future and the future of those important to you, you’ll figure out how to leverage the many tools that exist in our world. Tools that don’t need to […]