Dear Son

There are many adults who never tasted this enough

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(photo: We wake up one day and if we’re very lucky, we’ll be happy with our everyday blessings – the ones we’ve spent our life enjoying but maybe took for granted)

Who taught you about personal responsibility when you where young?

And what are you passing on to the school-aged children in your life?

  • Summer homework done in advance.
  • School supplies taken care of in advance.

Teaching the upside of being done ahead of deadlines doesn’t happen until afterwards, say the first day or first week of school.

There are many adults who never tasted this enough to make it their default menu – ahead of time.

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I Am

I Went One Step Further With Yesterday’s Lesson, Because That’s What Walt Disney Has Ingrained In Me

Quality & attention to small, almost unnoticeable details is Walt Disney's signature

When we were done with his lesson, the learning could have stopped. But Walt Disney taught me to always try to give a little more than anyone expects. So in a brief story (Walt Disney’s teaching tool of choice) I explained to our son I wished I had been taught earlier in life how to use my own words – to not doubt that my explanation would be as good as anyone else’s.

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Thanksgiving 2009

First Match

Last weekend I began to teach our son:

  1. How to strike a match
  2. How to light a fire
  3. How to be respectful of fire
  4. Which side of the fire to approach

We have a campfire pit in our yard and this is the time of year for using it.  We burned enough yard and tree trimmings to make an excellent cooking fire.

He was hesitant to strike the match.  Perhaps even afraid. He’s nine.

As a Father, it seems intuitive to be the one to teach him certain things that will be taught by others, if I don’t beat them to it.

Striking a match is just the beginning.  Ya with me?