Most of Earth’s audience still sleeps

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As i write each morning, i face East.


Most of Earth’s audience still sleeps.

As i write this, Christmas is over a month away.

As this posts live on December 21, we will be four days away.

And my 10-year goal to do everything in life i want to before i die now has 18 months remaining.

Time flies.

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Skip’s Simple Challenge To Us

This Happens Every Day
This Happens Every Day

Skip Gaskill is back for a simple, but thought-provoking challenge.  Take it away Skip:

When was the last time you woke up early to watch a sunrise?

I mean woke up just to watch a sunrise (and not to go to work or school).

Never?!  Try it some time.  Few things are as beautiful or as inspiring as a new day sunrise.

Do your heart, mind & soul a favor.

You deserve it.