Why hyper-manage things?

Theater screen
Some things just don’t seem to make sense at first glance.


The secret to being decently organized at home is to hyper-manage the things most others are either slothful at or they disregard those things completely.

Harsh? Not on purpose.

Direct? Um, probably.

Inspiring? Depends on our attitude regarding personal responsibility.

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If You Could Not Fail

Stop Being So Measured
Stop Being So Measured

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

We’ve all heard this question posed to us in our lifetimes.

Some of us have heard it so many times, we no longer hear it, no longer even consider it a valid question.

You now why?

Because nothing in life is guaranteed, except that we will die and taxes will increase.

Giving in, and quitting are so common place.  Or, people won’t even start in the first place.


Because we can fail at everything.

But what if we didn’t fail?

How would our lives be transformed?  And more importantly, how would the lives of others be transformed?

The Art of Compromise

It's Who You Know
It's Who You Know

Heard this phrase the other night, probably on the TV as I was walking though a room, and I wrote it down.

“The art of compromise.”

We can take guesses as to what this means, or we can simply make up our own meaning. That’s what I did, and came up with five different ways:

  1. Compromising our mind, intellect
  2. Compromising our body, health
  3. Compromising our spirit, faith
  4. Compromising our money, career
  5. Compromising just about everything, CEO of Me, Inc.

The comment’s intent targeted the Senators power to say “no” to President Obama – relationships and the passing of President Obama’s Health Care Bill.

Some Senators held their vote until they got a really good deal for their state. This had people debating it’s fairness, and the Senator’s enormous power to say, “No.”

At the end of the day, it’s really about relationships and who you know.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s about who you no.