The struggle is real

A summer of hiking in Glacier with these clothes plus what i wore on the plane was all i had. Takes a lifetime to get the basics confirmed and then thrive with daily execution.

The struggle is real.

Want specifics?


The struggle with:

  1. Staying positive
  2. Staying healthy
  3. Staying peaceful
  4. Staying remarkable
  5. Staying organized

Mind, body, spirit, work, home – life’s five big buckets.

Balance is not a myth, if you are willing to trust that you can use life’s five big buckets to slowly and steadily move away from surviving and move closer to thriving.

Be amazed and be amazing.

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The struggle comes down to only two choices

Car buying paperwok


Coggin Honda of Orlando


(photos: Arrived during the day, top photo… left at night, bottom photo… picking van up today, Nov. 16)

Being organized takes discipline.

Anything that’s good and decent requires discipline.

Struggle with the effort, or struggle with the regret.

The time will pass anyway.

Tomorrow is today’s enemy.

Do one thing today that makes you more organized.

Do more than one if you want, but do at least one. Period.

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Rejoice in the struggle?

Church message
Rejoice in everything: our struggles, our demons, our awareness, our victories


Dear son, honestly never thought your dad would make it 100 consecutive days writing five daily blog posts about Life’s Big Choices.

Never thought he’d abandon drinking everyday either.

Crazy what motivation and purpose does to help one become decently organized.

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