Completely Different?

Most answers are obvious, but…

Rice University campus students walking between classes
Auto pilot, or heretic?


Most answers are obvious, but…

The questions often elude us.

The really great, unconventional questions.

The ones that change the game.

The ones that make us feel uncomfortable.

The ones that free us.

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Make It Simple

How being organized can make paying for something, well, art

Apple Store App Easy Pay
Easy pay is art, ridiculously remarkable


Apple is making being organized an art form. Yesterday’s visit to the Apple store revealed a new process available to iPhone 5s users. You can use fingerprints to unlock your phone so you never again have to tap four numbers.

They allow you to use fingerprint recognition to use the Apple Store App. It goes like this:

  • visit Apple Store
  • pick a product off the shelf
  • use Apple Store App to scan the barcode
  • pay using the App
  • walk out
  • no human interaction is required
  • self-service to a whole new (remarkable) level



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Drum Roll Please….

Your Goal Ought To Bring You To Tears
Your Goal Ought To Bring You To Tears

The answer to yesterday’s overlooked secret?

It’s, um, well, it’s Mr. Establishment.

Others call it Ms. Status Quo.

Ironically, we have become this person, and if we haven’t yet, then we report to her.

Everyone wants a breakthrough. But no one is prepared to.

It’s simply a very good time to blend in, to do what you’re told and follow orders.

Makes me want to throw up.

Maybe I just need another year or so of our son waking up (frequently), screaming uncontrollably, in unbearable pain. And a marathon round of tests revealing nothing.

Or maybe a heart attack.

Maybe then I’d remember why doing work that matters, matters.


Wow, the morning-sickness feeling is gone.

Regret that you tried and failed, or regret that you just didn’t try?

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Are You? Completely Different?

I Could Just Stop

Beacon Or Burden?
Beacon Or Burden?

Perhaps the best thing to do is to give up.

Thinking. Dreaming. Believing.

All in a counter-intuitive manner.

It’s just crazy.

It’s professional and career suicide.

I could just stop.

Make It Simple

What’s Stopping You?


What’s stopping you from being extra-ordinary today?