You don’t do it for this, but…

visit all 50 States
A short detour on the way to Memphis airport ensured #50 was crossed off the list.


Rented a car to drive to Arkansas. Didn’t need a car, so i canceled it.

Tried to run across the bridge to Arkansas. Dead end. No luck.

Left Peabody Memphis late, but still had time for Lee to drive across the bridge to visit the 50th state.

While the final state was a big (unimportant) milestone, the standing ovation far outweighed it. To have hundreds of people feel something special (hope and enthusiasm) when you finish speaking is a blessing.

i told the generous audience, “If that was for me, too much. If it was for Walt and Lee (Cockerell), it was too little.”




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It couldn’t have been the Pixar tee-shirt

Top Disney Keynote Speakers
The Keynote began with a few jokes and then everyone taking a selfie.


Top Disney Keynote Speakers
Photo: David Smith. The Keynote ended with a surprise quick change into jeans and a Pixar tee-shirt.


Ever take 16 years to take a small risk?

Have wanted to give a speech in my preferred method of dress for 16 years.

Jeans, t-shirt and running shoes.

Steve Jobs did it.

Tim Cook wears jeans and never tucks in his shirt.

The most admired company in the world and their leaders dress like that.

Gutsy, right?

Planned on a clothes change at the very end, to intentionally make a point.

It worked.

What terrified me for 16 years turned out to be painless.

But now it’s hard to know if the standing ovation was because of the content delivery, or from the Pixar tee-shirt.

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