Have You Forgotten How It Felt That Day?

There are no noble wars, only noble warriors. It would be misguided to think I’m trying to stir up bad memories. We celebrate our birthday until we die. We celebrate and remember significant things because it’s part of the fabric of our lives. Reminders of life’s priorities. Next Blog

Why Isn’t jeff noel Funnier?

Why?  Because becoming hysterically funny (in addition to being uncommonly insightful and off the hook fast), would only lead to fame and fortune.  While this would appear, to most people, to be a good thing, it’s actually a catch-22. Jimmy Buffett, in one of his clever songs, sings, “I don’t want the fame that brings […]

What A Week

East coast to west coast took 18 hours. West coast to east coast took 12 hours. “You are so lucky. You get to travel for your job”, people often say.  Yes.  I LOVE my job. To quote folk singer Dan Fogelberg from his 1981 hit, Auld Lang Syne, “The audience was heavenly, but the traveling was […]