Carving Out A Life

Midlife change is in the air for Orlando Based Keynote Speakers

Note from Orlando Based Speaker to Apple


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Midlife change is in the air for Orlando Based Keynote Speakers.

Decades of dreaming.

Six years of hard work.


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End Of The First Year

Rocky Mountain High

That image of those three bicyclists at 8,000 feet, with the Colorado Rocky Mountains above and below them,  was permanently etched on my brain.

I had just turned 13.  And yet, I was thinking and dreaming as if I were an adult.

Their summit, the Continental Divide, was still potentially a few hours away for them, at 10,000-plus feet elevation.

Our bus would reach the summit in just ten more minutes.

Have you ever dreamed of doing something uncommonly care-free and ultra-adventurous?


What is that voice inside all of us that speaks to our desire to go on an adventure that is far beyond our present understanding and capabilities?

And wouldn’t it be nice if we could still tap into that now, and make the adventure of being a responsible adult, exciting and even, “fashionable”?

Thanksgiving 2009


“In soloing – as in other activities – it is far easier to start something than it is to finish it.”Amelia Earhart

Will 2010 be your year to finish something you started?