i am committed to taking the high road

  Fifty days into the 100-day self-imposed writer’s bootcamp that began on April Fools’s Day 2009, i went to the pair of three-ringed binders in my closet for inspiration. Inside each binder contains six months (at one page per day, 183 pages each) of wisdom i collected between my high school years (1974-1977), college years (1977-1983) […]

Short lived Twitter profile – July 3, 2014 – one day only

  How often do we think about our social media presence? How often should we? If we aren’t in business, then the answer is obvious. If we are in business, the answer is not as obvious. Senior leaders generally see social media as an annoying and frustrating addition to their busy schedules. Our customers embrace […]

June 2014 LinkedIn profile for posterity

  What is our obligation to continuously improve? And what metrics do we use to evaluate our efforts versus the potential return? Without experimentation and risk taking all we’re left with is the regret of “what-if”. What follows is the complete version of an older profile: _______________ Different. Balancing two serious jobs. One with a big, […]