What would be a reasonable daily fee?

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(photo: Four days ago this sign presented itself and planted itself as an unwavering conviction)

What would be a reasonable daily fee?

The paperwork of life requires that we are decently organized with everything.

This includes our pricing structure if we are self employed.

On the first working day of retirement (yesterday, Nov 3, 2014) the daily delivery fee was estimated in the discussion.

You get what you pay for.

You want the best money can buy, you pay for it.

This is something that makes total sense.

The long way is the short cut.

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Small Town Stuff

Waiting on the shuttle. Heading to "Mexico".
Our small town's public transportation system is pretty decent.

Are your mornings challenging? I mean every morning, not just occasionally. Writing five different blogs each morning before heading out the door can be quite demanding. Next to impossible if you’re not organized.

So what, right? Yeah, the reason this post is important is because it challenges me to continuously find ways to make things work more efficiently and effectively. You’re doing that too?

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