Hope you are prepared for the fight of your life

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A LinkedIn social media connection shared their marketing promotional video and asked for feedback. It was well done and there were few things things to suggest.

However the one question that was obvious was what other marketing channels was she going to use besides LinkedIn.

She replied that she asked Family and friends on Facebook, but the attention she received on Facebook was dismal.

This supported the one hope that was shared, “Hope you are prepared for the fight of your life”.

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Two things every small business entrepreneur endures

small biz metaphors
brand new (left) and well-worn (right)… same shoe, different factors… small biz metaphor


Two things every small business entrepreneur endures:

1. uncertainty
2. patience for success

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All We Can Do Is Try


Yesterday, an unsolicited LinkedIn invitation reached my inbox. Being an open networker on LinkedIn and Twitter, I gladly accepted Matt’s LinkedIn invite.

Social media tools really are like anything else in life – you get out of it what you put into it. Period.

Did you know social media has surpassed pornography as the number one Internet activity?

We often hear of blind spots, mostly with a negative connotation.

But not yesterday:  “Great profile and great blogs. It seems you live your life as you present it.”

When you’re a small business startup, you are everything: Visionary, Marketing, PR, HR, Finance, Spokesperson, Ambassador, Idea Creator, Innovator, Spiritual Director, Artistic Director, Secretary, Networker, Errand Boy, Office Manager, “Gopher”, Rookie, CEO, Janitor, and everything else.

All you can do is try. But until you actually try it on your own, you have no idea.

I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Twitter Summary
Twitter Summary
Twitter = jeffnoelmidlife
Twitter = jeffnoelmidlife

Who Dat?

We Met In An Interview
We Met In An Interview

If a picture is worth a thousand words….

Recently was in the right place at the right time. Ever have lucky days like that?  Days where you just happen to be in the right place at the right time, for the right reasons?

Hope today is a day like that for you. You know, the harder you work, the luckier you get. Not making that up. It’s true.

Top Three Reasons

Watching (not sure why) five minutes of ABC Evening News last night.  The story claimed there are 7 million more Americans at the poverty level than last estimated.


Apparently, it’s being fueled by unemployment.

I often question whether what I’m doing is the right thing.  Often wonder if this is the right time.

The answer?  There is no right time.  There is no guarantee of the right thing.

So what then?  Trust your intuition.  Which tells me to keep going.  Don’t give up.  Remember where you started and look at you now.  Imagine six more months from now.

Dude, you are going to make a difference.  You already are making a difference.  Yes, there are sacrifices.  Beats unemployment though, doesn’t it?