Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Was this slogan viewed as a grand slam or was it casual at first?

Screen shot from Without Limits


(photo: screen shot from Without Limits… Coaches (with hats) not impressed with Prefontaine, but the dude on the right, he digs Pre’s audacity)

Was this slogan viewed as a grand slam or was it casual at first?

Life is good.

No one becomes a game changer in a bliss of certainty.

Boldness has genius.

We know this.

Yet we play it safe from the sidelines.

Until, one day, hopefully, we don’t.


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End Of The First Year

Obvious Choice

Sanibel Island 2009
Sanibel Island 2009

“Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken.”Life Is Good slogan

I used to look for sea shells on Sanibel Island, Florida.  You know the ones – the perfect shape and color.  The ones that looked like they came from the sea shell store.

Not any more.

Now, I look for ones that are unique and special – broken and beautiful.

Just like us humans.

Broken and beautiful.

Like Tiger Woods.

Like me.

Like you.