19 reasons to hire someone who’s not an automatic first choice

Orlando Based Keynote Speaker jeff noel


(Note: Wrote this 100 days ago and re-reading it today the first reaction was to delete it because it sounds boastful. Everyday, do at least one thing that scares you. Check.)

If, or when, you are stuck and want to think differently about your life or your company (or both), reach out.

Why here?

  • 30 years at one of the world’s most admired companies
  • Speaker to over one million people worldwide
  • Client list a who’s who of iconic world brands
  • Weird different
  • Works harder
  • Thinks deeper
  • Reaches higher
  • Cares more
  • Only preaches what is practiced
  • Extraordinarily diverse experience with CEO’s and janitors
  • Addicted to excellence
  • Allergic to most pollens and mediocrity
  • Author
  • Asks mind-glowingly simple, direct questions that change everything
  • Drives a 25-year old car everyday
  • Driven to illuminate truth
  • Two-time Lifetime achievement award recipient (for one of the most admired companies in the world)
  • Believes work is only work if you’d rather be doing something else
  • Can’t wait for the alarm clock to go off everyday

Think of the top 10 most admirable companies in the entire world.

What would it take to thrive there for 30 years?

What would it take to speak and consult on behalf of one of the world’s most admired companies?

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Completely Different?

The one organizational secret tactic that most people miss

pocket cameras
traded a camera bag, lens & accessories for a simple pocket cyber-shot camera

I’ve discovered – because that’s what I do (think differently) – the one key secret tactic for being decently organized. Ready?


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PS. I can hear the crowds shouting, “Well, please tell us how you simplify”….


I Am

Where do you place organizational skills on your prioroities list?

organizational skills
do your best to be as organized as you can be

I put being organized in my top five life items. I’ll never win any awards for organization, but I’ll never be accused of being sloppy or disorganized. Tomorrow, I’ll share a key, “secret”, tactic on how to think differently about being organized.

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Are You?

1 Overlooked Skill

It Can Be Hard To Focus On
It Can Be Hard To Focus On

Being organized is a skill. It requires hard work, creativity, flexibility and a willingness to be focused and disciplined.

But it requires one thing that most people overlook.

And this one overlooked skill is the critical difference between a clean desk and a messy desk.


Think about it.

You must decide, all day, everyday, what to do, what to keep, where to put things, what to discard, what to ignore, how to prioritize, etc.

All day.


It never ends.

And then you should decide what you believe and get busy, right here, right now.