The last day we fight to stay organized is

Remy at Epcot
Remy, “Anyone can cook”. Me, “Anyone can be organized”.


The last day we fight to stay organized is the most organized we will ever be for the rest of our lives.

As organized as i am, i’m on another push to thin my personal belongings, let go of things i may need someday, and rid myself of things that need protecting.

If our home was on fire what would we grab?

Everything is replaceable.

This is a hard lesson – to live as though we believe it.

Wow, that felt really good to write that.




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Everything Is Important

Seems like it.  Doesn’t it?

Was recently viewing a live streaming feed on WordPress.  WordPress hosts WordCamp

Was reminded that social media, and blogging in particular, is a phenomenon.

Being 50 and embracing blogging and social media, while raising a son (9), is an interesting place to be in cyberspace, in a rapidly changing web 2.0 world.

While still trying to figure it out, everything points to communicating with others, and offering something that others want.

What do people want?  Not sure exactly.  Meanwhile though, I’ll continue to be guided by a heart-felt desire to make a difference in our world.

PS.  I realize my path, style, whatever you want to call it, may be good and it may also not be good.  Rather try and fail than not try. Ya with me?