The misunderstood paradox of simplification

surprised look
don't look so surprised...

People think that simplification will make their lives easy. It doesn’t. And this leads to terminal apathy, excuses, and ultimately, quitting.

What everyone ought to consider then is this – simplification makes your life easier (not easy). Easier. Get it? Easier.

Seriously, imagine life without simplifying it.

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Being Organized Is Hard

Will It?
Will It?

There’s a secret to life not many people recognize, and even fewer talk about.

Know what it is?

Being organized.

And the “yeast” that makes being organized work, is simplification.

Complicated processes are a slow poison to our souls.

It’s odorless, colorless, tasteless, silent and completely invisible.

Wake up calls, a mentor, a higher purpose, and maybe one other thing are the catalyst to transformational change.