What’s been holding me back is what holds us all back

WordCamp Orlando game
Upper middle message = FREEDOM. You are the CEO of You, Inc (when you finally decide to be)


Awoke at 4:00am this morning with a directive, because last night I stumbled upon Kevin O’Leary’s website.

Completely random. Unintentional.


An admirer, and follower, of Shark Tank.

The directive is to make a command decision and try to get the new website design done in six days, by Thanksgiving Day 2013.

What’s been holding me back is what holds us all back.


At least I think so.

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Shark Tank Has Inspired A New Idea For May

Not the Shark Tank.

Shark Tank has inspired a new, simple, idea for May’s posts. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Insight: The only way tomorrow consistently becomes exciting is to find a million ways to make it so. Our handful of big life goals doesn’t change, just the tactics to stay motivated to achieve them – for an entire lifetime.

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Make It, Master It, Matter

This American icon faced bankruptcy twice in his early years. (circa 1917)

Watched Shark Tank last night. A shark gave this advice to the pitchman, because the pitchman wasn’t willing to off-shore his business plan. From personal experience, the shark said he had to make it, master it, then he could matter.

The pitchman wanted to create jobs in America and sell to Americans. In essence, to matter. Hmmm, backwards. Never thought a business education could be conducted from a TV show.

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