Step two is “Be Proactive”


flu and strep tests
Two tests yesterday, a Sunday.


strep throat test
Strep throat test.


flu test A & B
Flu test A & B.


steps to good health
Common sense steps.


Step one from Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits book is “Begin with the end in mind”.

Step two is “Be Proactive”.

Deep voice 48 hours ago.

Slight sore throat 24 hours ago.

Fifteen hours ago, all tests came back negative.

Grateful to have a walk-in clinic (Disney’s Center for Living Well) open 365 days a year.

Happy Monday.

Minutes from an hour bike ride to the gym, an hour at the gym, and an hour bike home.

Be well.

Note: being decently organized helps you fit in important choices in your busy life.


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