Feeling Great? Feeling Great!


Can’t put our finger on things sometimes, can we? Stuff happens. Some good. Some not so good. Why? Who knows.

This particular Saturday (today) has been very productive, personally and professionally. Why? Who knows.

It’s funny how our physical health has nice ripples to the other dimensions in Life’s Big Choices. I’m leaning that way.

My running has been getting better, and foot pain has been getting less. I know, who cares? Guess I could say the same thing about Seth Godin’s recent post, “The Wrapper Matters“.

Seth Godin (copy & paste)

What's Your Fear?
What's Your Fear?

This is a Seth Godin blog post entitled, Arrogant. Rather than provide a link to it, it’s been copied and pasted, for your convenience. As you read it, try to find “your fear” in Seth’s post? Take it away Seth:


“This is a fear and a paradox of doing work that’s important.

A fear because so many of us are raised to avoid appearing arrogant. Being called arrogant is a terrible slur, it means that you’re not only a failure, but a poser as well.

It’s a paradox, though, because the confidence and attitude that goes with bringing a new idea into the world (“hey, listen to this,”) is a hair’s breadth away, or at least sometimes it feels that way, from being arrogant.

And so we keep our head down. Better, they say, to be invisible and non-contributing than risk being arrogant.

That feels like a selfish, cowardly cop out to me. Better, I think, to make a difference and run the risk of failing sometimes, of being made fun of, and yes, appearing arrogant. It’s far better than the alternative.”

2,000 Blog Posts?

Life's Big Choices
Life's Big Choices

Not any more.

Passed 2,000 blog posts today.

The way it seems, there are only two others blogging more prolifically:

  1. Perez Hilton
  2. Seth Godin

Weird.  Lots of weird stuff in the past few days.  When you begin to read all five, everyday, you’ll see how everything in life is linked.

You’ll satisfy your curiosity, in real time, for how an ordinary person lives an extra-ordinary life. Not because of any special gifts or talents, but simply using focus and discipline.

Effort and focus in one area pays dividends in another. Lack of focus in one area, negatively impacts another.

Sorry, you already know that.

PS. This is why there are five daily blogs: MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, MONEY and HQ (headquarters).