There Are Defining Moments

Happy Birthday Jesus
Happy Birthday Jesus

In your life, you can recall your defining moments. And you’ll have a few more…

Christmas day was a defining moment in the history of civilization. No matter your belief, it doesn’t change that a poor boy was born in a manger. Some say he was a Prophet, no one argues that he was a radical (disruptive) thinker.

But when you come to be able to use His name, unafraid, and never pushy, you have yet another defining moment.

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Famous, Humble or Both?

In This Photo: My Ghost Writer & Documentary Photographer
In This Photo: My Ghost Writer (top) & Documentary Photographer (bottom)

I stand here before you, not as a prophet, but as a humble servant of you, the people. — Nelson Mandela, Feb. 11, 1990

Yes, the first, in a long series of Best-Selling Books is well underway.

Being organized doesn’t always mean things happen fast, it just means that things get done.

Are you still organizing any of your “childhood dreams”?

Come on, failure is not an option.

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